Why is my dog staring at me?

My dog tends to stare at me pretty often, so I decided to find out what is behind those mysterious eyes!

I am going about my evening when I suddenly sense something. I am being watched. Trying to find the source where this stare is coming from, I find it. My little dog is peering at me with her canine eyes without giving a blink. She is looking intensively into my eyes, and I wonder why. What is she up to? 

So, I decide to explore what is behind this hard stare. In my research this is what I found out.

1. Love, love, love
The number one reason your dog stares at you daily is straightforward stare – they love you so much, and this is the way they show affection. It’s adorable, isn’t it?  

Zoey 1

2. Seeking clues
Believe it or not, your dog knows you more than you think. Summer is here, and you take that one chair you never use and put it by the wardrobe to reach your suitcase. Your dog already knows that you are going on holiday and may be leaving them behind. Or, when you pick up your car key, purse, and cap, they know that you are going to walk them soon. Dogs are excellent observers and monitor our behavior 24/7 to find out what’s going on and how it will impact them. Therefore, be mindful of your behavior because it greatly impacts your four-pawed friend.

3. You are having a bite to eat
After a long day at work, you want to kick back and watch Netflix with a pack of potato chips that smell delicious. You are enjoying the chips, and your dog is sitting still, peering at you with a bit squinty eyes and waiting what will happen next. He would be game to help you finish the pack in a couple of seconds. That’s what we can say for sure. Dogs have an acute sense of hearing and smell. Your dog wants you to share your tasty snack. If you ever feed your dog while eating, they will expect you to do it again, and you are teaching them to stare at you. However, it’s never too late to teach your dog new habits and train them to settle down in their bed and not bother you. The way I look at it, it would be better for you and your dog. 

Zoey 2

4. Displaying of aggression
If you or other people act in a way your dog is not keen on, your pet might give you a hard stare, accompanied by unblinking eyes and a stiff posture. Be aware of this kind of behavior because it could indicate aggression. If you ever encounter this, don’t stare back at the dog. Try to walk slowly away from the animal. It might not be the right time to play, maybe later.

5. Your dog needs something
It’s almost your pet’s dinner time, and they are aware of it even though they don’t wear a watch. You might sometimes forget that it’s time to feed your dog because you are overwhelmed with work or engrossed in a gripping novel. But your dog’s eyes that are peering at you from the kitchen will remind you to feed them on time. Dogs cannot talk to us to express their needs, but many dogs have marvelously expressive eyes that communicate with us. Does your little friend want to go potty, play with you, or be petted? Just look into their eyes, and you can certainly figure out what they are thinking about.

As you can see, there might be many things behind those loving eyes of your dog. You need to figure out what exactly your pet needs. From my experience, my dog, Zoey, in most cases, stares at me when she wants to play, needs attention or shows affection. Her eyes are super expressive, and sometimes the look of reproach on her face is so clear that it makes me feel guilty, and I think, ‘What have I done?’

Zoey 3

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