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ME is an object pronoun. It means, that it takes the function of an object in a sentence.

Give me my mobile, please.
When I cut my finger, my daddy drove me to the hospital.
Don’t call me at 9, I usually go for a walk with my dog at that time.
It wasn’t me who offered to leave earlier, it was Lia.


MYSELF is a reflexive pronoun and is always used as an object in a sentence.

1. MYSELF is used when the subject of the verb is “I” and the object is the same person. The speaker both performs and receives the verb’s action.
I made myself pancakes. ( I = subject, myself = object)
I thought to myself, it’s time to travel around the world.
I see myself drinking hot chocolate soon.
I consider myself an ambitious man.
I cut myself when chopping onion for the dinner.
I care for myself by getting cold baths and jogging four times a week.
I can imagine myself living in New Zealand.

2. MYSELF is used to emphasize “I” as the subject of a sentence.
I, myself, prefer medium rare steak.
I, myself, don’t like listening to music when preparing for exams.
I, myself, like English breakfast when I travel to the UK.

3. MYSELF is used instead of “I” or “me”.
My friend and myself were invited to the party.
She asked my sister and myself to babysit their twins when they go to the party.
The website was created by Sue, Joe and myself.

4. (ALL) BY MYSELF – is used when you do something alone or without help from anyone else:
I work by myself.
I live by myself.
I have to cook today by myself.
I build this house all by myself.

I never get enough free time to myself.
My husband has gone on a business trip for two days so I have the whole flat to myself.
I booked the hotel during the pandemic and had it whole to myself. No people turned up there.

I made myself a cup of tea. = I made a cup of tea for myself, not for anyone else.
I myself made a cup of tea. = I made a cup of tea, not someone else.
I made a cup of tea by myself. = I made a cup of tea alone, without help.

2. Test your understanding of ME and MYSELF with this English quiz.

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