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Maturita Exam
  • YES 1 – Andrea Billíková a SoňaKondelová (Maturita B1 úroveň) ISBN 978-80-8133-015-5
  • YES 2 – Andrea Billíková a SoňaKondelová (Maturita B2 úroveň) ISBN 978-80-8133-015-5
  • DESTINATION B1 (Grammar&Vocabulary with Answer Key) – Malcom Mann, Steve Taylore-Knowles ISBN 978-0-230-03536-2
  • DESTINATION B2 (Grammar&Vocabulary with Answer Key) – Malcom Mann, Steve Taylore-Knowles ISBN 978-0-230-03538-6
  • MATURITA LEADER B1 (Student‘ s Book) – H.Q.Mitchell, MarileniMalkogianni ISBN 978-618-05-1414-8
  • LONGMAN EXAM ACCELERATOR (B2 level exam)- Bob Hastings, Marta Umiňska, Dominika Chandler ISBN 978-83-7600-043-5
  • GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY FOR CAMBRIDGE FIRST – Luke Prodromou ISBN 978-1-4082-9059-0
  • NEW FIRST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE – Michael Vince (Macmillan) ISBN 978-0-2307-2711-3
  • SUCCESSFUL AT GRADUATION (2.vydanie) – PhDr.Adriana Vinclavová

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