Maturitné Testy 2023

Anglický jazyk

Téma na sloh B1

Téma: Man and Nature

Your friend from Britain would like some information about your attitude towards the seasons
in your country. Write a letter (160-180 words) to him/her, in which you will mention the
following points:

  • your favourite season, giving reasons,
  • the influence of seasons on your personality and everyday activities,
  • the climate conditions in which you would most like to live, giving reasons.

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Téma na sloh B2

Téma: Man and Nature

A school magazine has announced a competition for the best essay entitled “Nowadays people like enjoying nature”. In your essay (200-220 words), express your opinion in the following points:

  • the reasons for the increasing popularity of agro-tourism (tourism in the countryside),
  • the possibilities of enjoying nature and agro-tourism in Slovakia,
  • your contribution to nature protection in your region
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Téma na sloh C1

Téma: The influence of sport on personality development

Read the ideas presented below. Choose one of them and write an essay (260–320 words),
justifying your opinion.

  • “It is not the strongest one who wins, but the one that is prepared to go on till the end.”
    (Fedor Emelianenko, a Russian MMA fighter)
  • “I think that at its best, sport does bring us together.” (Frank Deford, a former American
    sports journalist and commentator)
  • “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” (Heywood Broun, a former American
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Maturitné Testy

Maturitné testy z anglického jazyka, ktoré sú zverejnené na našom webe sú v originálnej verzii, získané z Zverejnenie týchto materiálov na našej platforme je so súhlasom NIVAM.

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