Maturitné Testy 2022

2022 - Anglický jazyk

Testy B1
Kľúče B1
Nahrávky B1
Témy na sloh B1

Téma: Transport and Travelling

You are planning to travel abroad or across Slovakia. Write a letter (160-180 words) to your
English penfriend. Follow these points:

  • the reasons and aim of your journey/trip,
  • which means of transport you will use and why,
  • boarding (eating and staying) during your journey, if necessary.

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Testy B2
Kľúče B2
Nahrávky B2
Témy na sloh B2

Téma: Transport and Travelling

In your English class, you have to write an opinion essay entitled ‘Transport and Travelling
in My Life’ (200–220 words). Follow these points:

  •  the influence of transport and travelling on the quality of your everyday life,
  •  your positive contribution to the environment – your choice of travelling/commuting,
  • an unforgettable experience from travelling by any means of transport.
>>Všetky testy, kľúče a nahrávky z maturitného predmetu Anglický jazyk<<
Testy C1
Kľúče C1
Nahrávky C1
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