Maturitné Testy 2014

Anglický jazyk

Téma na sloh B1

Téma: Moving to Slovakia

Your English friend wants to move to the town/village, where you live, and asks you for some information. Answer his/her questions, writing a letter (160–180 words) with the following points:

  • Describe the typical types of housing in your town/village.
  • Propose one type of housing and explain your idea.
  • Explain to him/her the advantages of living in your town/village.
  • Explain to him/her the disadvantages of living in your town/village.
  • Offer him/her your assistance while looking for a place where to stay.

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Téma na sloh B2

Téma: My Dream Residence

Within a competition, the journal Nice Living will publish the most interesting article (200–220 words) entitled My Dream Residence, which will include justifications of your ideas and opinions using the following points:

  • Where you would like to live.
  • What kind of residence you would choose and why.
  • What criteria the design of the flat or house should meet.
  • What interior furnishing you imagine.
  • What you would do to make your dream come true.
>>Všetky testy, kľúče a nahrávky z maturitného predmetu Anglický jazyk<<
Maturitné Testy

Maturitné testy z anglického jazyka, ktoré sú zverejnené na našom webe sú v originálnej verzii, získané z Zverejnenie týchto materiálov na našej platforme je so súhlasom NIVAM.

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