Sports & Games


  • In cycling, it is a cyclist.
  • In hockey, it is a hockey player.
  • In skiing, it is a skier.
  • In basketball, it is a basketball player.
  • In tennis, it is a tennis player.
  • In sailing, it is a sailor.
  • In football, it is a football player/footballer.
  • In swimming, it is a swimmer.


  • There are ten footballers and one goalkeeper. They are wearing football shirts and boots.
  • Full time is 90 minutes, and half time is 45 minutes.
  • A referee controls the game and gives a penalty. He uses a whistle.
  • The playing area for football is a pitch. The place around the pitch for spectators is a stadium (a total area.)
  • The winner is the team that scores more goals.


Playing sports professionally requires:

  • a lot of time and money
  • hard physical training
  • stamina and sacrifice

Unfortunately, it is often connected with several negative sides. Top sportsmen and women try to be the best and it often leads to overtraining, and doping – taking steroids or growth hormones and it has a very negative impact on their health and career. Success in professional sport is nowadays connected with money and popularity, and for some people, it’s quite difficult to cope with being rich and famous.


  • The Slovaks are good at hockey. A lot of Slovak hockey players play in American and Canadian National Hockey League teams. We like football, tennis and skiing as well. Our top athletes are: Peter Sagan in cycling and Petra Vlhová in skiing.
  • As for the Americans, they like baseball, American football, basketball, tennis, ice-hockey and skiing.
  • The British are sport-loving people. Sports like cricket, rugby, golf, football and tennis originated in Britain and spread all over the world. The most popular game is football.


It is the greatest holiday for all sportsmen, women and sport fans.

There are Summer and Winter Olympic Games which are held every four years in a different country. The first Olympics took place in ancient Greece nearly 3000 years ago. Only men could compete and they were naked and barefoot.

In 1894 a Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin started the modern Olympic games.

  • Coubertin´s message is: ‘It is not important to win but to take part’.
  • The main idea/creed of the Olympics is: ‘The better wins regardless of his colour, origin or religion.‘


Five Olympic Rings in 5 different colours that represent the unity of the 5 continents:

  • black: Africa 
  • blue: Europe
  • red: America
  • yellow: Asia
  • green: Australia


Sports and games play an important role in my life, and they are one of my hobbies. Some people take sports very seriously, which means sport is very important to them. When they play team games, they are very competitive (they try hard and always want to win). As for me, I am the complete opposite. I only play for fun/ for pleasure. 

When I was younger, I learned to swim, ride the bike and play badminton. Later I started various ball games such as volleyball and basketball. (I also tried…)These days I go cycling, swimming and hiking and in winter skiing and snowboarding. As for watching sports, I love watching tennis tournaments and the matches of our ice-hockey team. I must say that I prefer active sport to passive sport.


We have our physical education only twice a week. Before the lesson starts, we change into sportswear in a dressing room. We put on T-shirt, shorts and sneakers/ trainers. If it is colder, we wear tracksuits and a sweatshirt. At the beginning of the lesson, we always do a little warm-up exercise. When the weather is good, we go out and run, jump into the sand or play games. Games are those sports in which at least two players are involved. 

In winter or bad weather, we go to the gym, and there we do gymnastics, climb the rope or pole and play various games.


  1. skiing – lyžovanie
  2. cross-country skiing – lyžovanie na bežkách
  3. ski slopes – zjazdovky
  4. ski lift – vlek
  5. chair lift – sedačková lanovka
  6. cable way – kabínková lanovka
  7. skis – lyže
  8. ski sticks / ski poles – lyž.palice
  9. ski suit – lyž.oblečenie
  10. ski goggles – lyž.okuliare
  11. downhill skiing – zjazd na lyžiach
  12. ice – ľad
  13. ice rink – klzisko
  14. skier – lyžiar
  15. sledging – sánkovanie
  1. footballer / football player – futbalista
  2. goalkeeper – brankár
  3. forward – útočník
  4. centre forward – stredný útočník
  5. left winger – ľavý krídelný útočník
  6. defender – obranca
  7. linesman – čiarový rozhodca
  8. midfielder – záložník
  9. pass – podať, podávať
  10. referee – rozhodca
  11. coach – tréner
  12. pitch – futbalové ihrisko
  13. kick – kopnúť
  14. head – hlavičkovať
  15. catch – chytiť
  1. tennis player – tenista
  2. net – sieť
  3. bat – raketka na stolný tenis
  4. table tennis – stolný tenis
  5. court – kurt, dvorec
  6. fencing – šerm
  7. golf course – golfové ihrisko
  8. clubs – golfové palice
  9. cyclist / biker – cyklista
  10. cycling/biking – cyklistika
  11. chess – šach
  12. handball – hádzaná
  13. left wing – ľavé krídlo
  14. spectators – športoví diváci
  15. throw – hodiť, odhodiť

  1. bodybuilding – kulturistika
  2. combat sports – bojové športy
  3. martial arts – bojové umenia
  4. hit – odraziť, udrieť
  5. gym – telocvičňa
  6. work out – cvičiť, posilňovať
  7. runner / jogger – bežec
  8. track – trať
  9. hiking – turistika
  10. speed – rýchlosť
  11. divided – rozdelený
  12. several – niekoľko
  1. swimmer -plavec
  2. swimming costumes – plávky pre ženy
  3. swimming pool – plaváreň/ bazén
  4. backstroke – znak (plavecký štýl)
  5. breaststroke – prsia (plavecký štýl)
  6. hockey player – hokejista
  7. stick – hokejka
  8. skating – korčuľovanie na ľade
  9. skates – korčule
  10. rollerblading – korčuľovanie na kolieskových
  11. stopper – stopér
  12. on the one hand – na jednej strane
  13. on the other hand – na druhej strane
  1. equipment/ kit – náradie, výstroj, vybavenie
  2. trainers / sneakers – tenisky
  3. dressing room -šatňa
  4. sweatshirt / hoodie – mikina
  5. knee pads – chrániče na kolená
  6. tracksuits – tepláky
  7. gloves – rukavice
  8. scarf – šál
  9. padding – chrániče
  10. trunks – plávky pre mužov
  11. whistle – píšťalka
  12. football boots – kopačky
  13. football shirts – futbal dresy
  1. stamina 
  2. competitive – súťaživý
  3. attitude to – postoj ku niečomu
  4. rules – pravidlá
  5. defeat – porážka, prehra
  6. leisure time activities – voľnočasové aktivity
  7. season of the year – ročné obdobie
  8. according to – podľa..
  9. healthy – zdravý
  10. PE lesson /Physical Education – Telesná v.
  11. recognize – poznať, rozpoznať
  12. take part – zúčastniť sa
  13. look for – hľadať
  14. substitute – náhradník
  15. fun – zábava
Leisure time activities