Food & Eating Habits


Some junk food:

  • hamburgers
  • cheeseburgers
  • kebab
  • hotdogs
  • baguette
  • elephant ears
  • pizza
  • chips


What is balanced diet?

  • a lot of vegetables and fruit, not fatty food
  • eating poultry and milk products = dairy products
  • eating fish and seafood
  • cereals + cornflakes, muesli
  • drinking at least 2-3 litres of water 
  • eating regularly at least 4-5 times a day every 4 hours, small portions (it depends on the person)
  • listen to your body and give it what it needs


Nowadays more and more people are overweight. Here are some reasons why:

  • terrible eating habits
  • we eat too much, very fatty and high caloric food
  • we are not active enough, there is an absence of physical activity
  • we are very lazy and we become ‘a mouse potato or a couch potato’


A VEGETERIAN DIET is very fashionable and popular at these days. Number of people who become vegetarians is increasing rapidly. ‘Not to eat meat and meat products’.

A VEGAN DIET is much more strict than vegetarian diet. ‘Not to eat meat, meat products and even no animal products’. It means no eggs, milk products – butter, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.


  • Take-away: you buy your food there and you eat it at home
  • Fast food restaurants: you order your food at the counter and then take it to your table to eat it.
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants: a waiter or a waitress serves you. There are many different kinds of restaurants (Italian, Indian, Chinese, French, etc.)
  • Pizza huts: they serve especially different kinds of pizza
  • Drive – in restaurants: you buy your meal from the car
  • Kosher restaurants: typical Jewish restaurants that offer perfect, genuine meals


  • a tablecloth, a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, vinegar, glasses or cups, plates, cutlery – fork, knife, spoon, teaspoon, a napkin


  • starter, main course = main dish, daily special, desserts, beverages = soft drinks, wine list

After eating, the waiter/ waitress brings the bill.
We pay and add a tip for a good service and delicious meal.


Waiter: What would you like to drink?/Anything to drink?
Customer: Still or sparkling mineral water?
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Customer: I would like a beef steak with chips. /Can I have cabbage soup? 
Waiter: Anything else?
Customer: Could I have another beer?
Customer: I‘d like to pay./Could I have a bill, please?
Customer: It is a tip for good services.  


At some special occasions such as Christmas and Easter traditional food is served.

  • fish soup = Sauerkraut
  • fried carp and potato salad
  • waffle with honey
  • homemade sweets


  • smoked ham/meat
  • potato salad
  • mashed potatoes


  • Potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon
  • Roast chicken with rice and compote
  • Vienna steak and mashed potatoes


I usually eat four times a day – I have breakfast, lunch, a small snack, and dinner. Sometimes I am very busy, and I don’t eat regularly, so I often choose fast food. I realize that it is not good for my health, but I love it.

I usually have two rolls or two slices of brown bread and butter, some jam, yogurt or ham, and sausages for my breakfast on the weekdays. At the weekends, when I have much more time, I like scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs, fish paste, raw vegetables, Swiss cheese or blue cheese, sometimes bacon. I drink various kinds of tea, e.g., fruit tea, black tea, green tea, herbal tea, often with lemon and honey. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I have a few tea sips or a glass of fruit juice.

I don’t drink any coffee. It’s very bitter for me. But my mum adores coffee, so from time to time, I make her real coffee = Turkish coffee or instant coffee.

At school, I usually eat after my 2nd lesson. I often have a light snack such as a piece of apple, a banana, an orange, or a tangerine and pastry. I usually drink water. I rarely go to our school snack bar, where I buy unhealthy but delicious fast food products. My very favorite is a hot dog with mustard. I never resist buying a bar of chocolate or some kinds of sweets such as candies, biscuits, or a lollipop.

At midday, it is time for lunch. I go to our school canteen, where I take lunch regularly. The quality of the meals is excellent. The main meal consists of soup, a main course, and a dessert. Most Slovaks like to eat meat, usually pork, beef, or poultry. We also like rice and potatoes in various forms, e.g., mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, and American potatoes.

My favorite meals are:

  • traditional Slovak meal “Bryndzové halušky” = gnocchi (read:ˈnɒkɪ) with sheep cheese
  • Fried cheese with mayo and chips
  • Roast pork with cabbage and dumplings
  • Pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese
  • Sauerkraut soup with mushrooms, smoked meat, and sausages
  • Vienna steak and potato salad
  • Roast chicken with rice and fruit compote
  • Potato pancakes
  • Sweet pancakes with fresh fruit and cream and chocolate on top

I also like different kinds of soup: lentil soup, pea soup, cabbage soup, chicken soup with noodles, tomato soup, mushroom soup, thick bean soup, etc.

In the afternoon, at about 3 o’clock, it’s time for a light afternoon snack. I often eat it alone because my parents work late, and I am always to hungry to wait for them to come from work.

Dinner is the only time during the weekday when our family eats together. My mum prepares our favourite meals, such as potato pancakes, elephant ears or chips with ketchup.

Here you can find some exercises that help you strengthen newly gained knowledge related to the topic ‘Food and Eating habits.’ The first part of this section consists of exercises mainly focused on the key vocabulary. The second part contains challenging tasks that include vocabulary, grammar, language in use and reading comprehension. 

Remember, you can read the topic or watch the video at any time.

Break a leg!


Fruit skOvocie

1. apple [ˈæpl] skjablko
2. apricot [ˈeɪprɪkɒt] skmarhuľa
3. tangerine [ˌtænʤəˈriːn] skmandarínka
4. nectarine [ˈnɛktərɪn] sknektarínka
5. plum [plʌm] skslivka
6. pear [peə] skhruška
7. peach [piːʧ] skbroskyňa
8. blackcurrant [ˈblækˈkʌrənt] skčierna ríbezľa
9. redcurrant [ˈredˌkʌr.ənt] skčervená ríbezľa
10. gooseberry [ˈɡʊzbəri] skegreš
11. pineapple [ˈpaɪnˌæpl] skananás
12. raspberry [ˈrɑːzbəri] skmalina
13. strawberry [ˈstrɔːbəri] skjahoda
14. blueberry [ˈbluːbəri] / bilberry [ˈbɪlbəri] skčučoriedka
15. blackberry [ˈblækbəri] skčernica
16. grapes [ɡreɪps] skhrozno
17. grapefruit [ˈɡreɪpˌfruːt] skgrapefruit
18. cherry [ˈʧɛri] skčerešňa
19. lemon [ˈlɛmən] skcitrón
20. lime [laɪm] sklimetka
21. watermelon [ˈwɔːtəˌmɛlən] skmelón

Vegetables skjablko

1. beetroot [ˈbiːtruːt] skcvikla
2. broccoli [ˈbrɒkəli] skbrokolica
3. Brussels sprouts [ˈbrʌsəlz spraʊts] skrúžičkový kel
4. cabbage [ˈkæbɪʤ] skkapusta
5. carrot [ˈkærət] skmrkva
6. cauliflower [ˈkɒlɪflaʊə] skkarfiol
7. zucchini Am.E [zʊˈkiːni] / courgette Br.E [kʊəˈʒɛtner] skcuketa
8. cucumber [ˈkjuːkʌmbə] skuhorka
9. garlic [ˈɡɑːlɪk] skcesnak
10. green / red / yellow pepper [ˈpɛpə] skpaprika
11. leek [liːk] skpór
12. lettuce [ˈlɛtɪs] skhlávkový šalát
13. mushrooms [ˈmʌʃrʊmz] skhuby
14. onion [ˈʌnjən] skcibuľa
15. parsley [ˈpɑːsli] skpetržlen
16. potato [pəˈteɪtəʊ] skzemiak
17. radish [ˈrædɪʃ] skreďkovka
18. tomato [təˈmɑːtəʊ] skparadajka
19. spinach [ˈspɪnɪʤ] skšpenát
20. green peas [ɡriːn piːz] skzelený hrášok

Bakery products skPekárenské výrobky

1. bakery products [ˈbeɪkəri ˈprɒdʌkts] skpekárenské výrobky
2. roll [rəʊl] skrožok 
3. burger [ˈbɜːɡə] skžemľa
4. white bread [waɪt brɛd] / brown bread [braʊn brɛd] skbiely chlieb / tmavý chlieb
5. wholemeal bread [ˈhəʊlmiːl brɛd] skcelozrnný chlieb
6. bun [bʌn] skbuchtička
7. doughnut [ˈdəʊnʌt] skšiška
8. pastry [ˈpeɪstri] sksladké pečivo

Meat skMäso

1. beef [biːf] skhovädzie mäso
2. chicken meat [ˈʧɪkɪn miːt] skkuracie mäso
3. pork [pɔːk] skbravčové mäso
4. lamb [læm] skjahňacie mäso
5. veal [viːl] skteľacie mäso
6. poultry [ˈpəʊltri] skhydina (chicken, duck, goose, turkey-moriak)
7. ham [hæm] skšunka
8. sausage [ˈsɒsɪʤ] skklobása
9. bacon [ˈbeɪkən] skslanina
10. steak: rare / medium / well done [steɪk] skstejk:surový/mierne prepečený/prepečený
11. salami [səˈlɑːmi] sksaláma
12. frankfurters [ˈfræŋkfətəz] skpárky

Seafood and fish skMorské plody a ryby

1. octopus [ˈɒktəpəs] skchobotnica
2. prawn [prɔːn] / shrimp [ʃrɪmp] skkreveta
3. squid [skwɪd] skkalamár
4. mussel [ˈmʌsl] skslávka jedlá
5. lobster [ˈlɒbstə] skmorský rak / homár
6. crab [kræb] skkrab
7. oyster [ˈɔɪstə] skústrica
8. salmon [ˈsæmən] sklosos
9. trout [traʊt] skpstruh
10. carp [kɑːp] skkapor
11. cod [kɒd] sktreska
12. tuna [ˈtuːnə] sktuniak

Dairy products skMliečne výrobky

1. butter [ˈbʌtə] skmaslo
2. cheese [ʧiːz] sksyr
3. blue cheese [bluː ʧiːz] skplesňový syr
4. Swiss cheese [swɪs ʧiːz] sktvrdý syr/ementál
5. sheep cheese [ʃiːp ʧiːz] skbryndza
6. steam cheese [stiːm ʧiːz] skparenica
7. cheese strings [ʧiːz strɪŋz] sksyrové nite (korbáčiky)
8. cream cheese [kriːm ʧiːz] sksmotanový syr (roztierateľný syr)
9. cottage cheese [ˈkɒtɪʤ ʧiːz] / curd cheese [kɜːd ʧiːz] / curd [kɜːd] sksmotanový syr (roztierateľný syr)
10. cream [kriːm] sksmotana
11. sour cream [ˈsaʊə kriːm] skkyslá smotana
12. whipped cream [wɪpt kriːm] skšľahačka
13. yoghurt [ˈjɒɡət] skjogurt

Drinks / Beverages skNápoje

1. coffee: white / black / strong / weak / instant [ˈkɒfi] skkáva: biela / čierna / silná / slabá / instantná
2. soft drink [sɒft drɪŋk] sknealko nápoj
3. sparkling [ˈspɑːklɪŋ] / fizzy mineral water [ˈfɪzi ˈmɪnərəl ˈwɔːtə] sksýtená minerálna voda
4. still mineral water [stɪl ˈmɪnərəl ˈwɔːtə] sknesýtená minerálna voda
5. tea: black / fruit / herbal / lemon [tiː] skčaj: čierny / ovocný / bylinkový / citrónový

Nuts skOrechy

1. hazelnuts [ˈheɪzlnʌts] sklieskové orechy
2. walnuts [ˈwɔːlnʌts] skvlašské orechy
3. peanuts [ˈpiːnʌts] skarašídy
4. almonds [ˈɑːməndz] skmandle
5. pistachios [pɪsˈtɑːʃɪəʊz] skpistácie
6. cashew [kæˈʃuː] skkešu

Eggs skVajcia

1. scrambled eggs [ˈskræmbᵊld ɛɡz] skpraženica
2. soft-boiled eggs [sɒft-bɔɪld ɛɡz] skvajcia na mäkko
3. hard-boiled eggs [ˈhɑːdˈbɔɪld ɛɡz] skvajcia na tvrdo
4. sunny side up egg Am.E [ˈsʌni saɪd ʌp ɛɡ] / fried egg Br.E [fraɪd ɛɡ] skvolské oko

Spices skKoreniny

1. black pepper [blæk ˈpɛpə] skčierne korenie
2. powdered paprika [ˈpaʊdəd ˈpæprɪkə] skmletá paprika
3. mustard [ˈmʌstəd] skhorčica
4. vinegar [ˈvɪnɪɡə] skocot
5. mayo [ˈmeɪəʊ] skmajonéza
6. cinnamon [ˈsɪnəmən] skškorica
7. cumin [ˈkʌmɪn] skrasca
8. ketchup [ˈkɛʧəp] skkečup

Tastes skChute

1. bitter [ˈbɪtə] skhorké
2. salty [ˈsɔːlti] skslané
3. sour [ˈsaʊə] skkyslé
4. sweet [swiːt] sksladké
5. hot [hɒt] skštipľavé
6. spicy [ˈspaɪsi] skkorenisté
7. fatty [ˈfæti] / oily [ˈɔɪli] / greasy [ˈɡriːzi] skmastné
8. delicious [dɪˈlɪʃəs] / tasty [ˈteɪsti] skchutné
9. tasteless [ˈteɪstlɪs] / disgusting [dɪsˈɡʌstɪŋ] skbez chuti / nechutné
10. sugary [ˈʃʊɡəri] skpresladené

Cooking skVarenie

1. to bake [tuː beɪk] skpiecť v rúre (koláč)
2. to roast [tuː rəʊst] skupiecť v rúre (mäso)
3. to boil [tuː bɔɪl] skvariť vo vode / vrieť
4. to cook [tuː kʊk] skvariť
5. to fry [tuː fraɪ] skvyprážať (na oleji, masti)
6. to steam [tuː stiːm] skvariť v pare
7. to season with salt and pepper skdochutiť soľou a korením
8. to sprinkle with sugar / herbs skposypať cukrom / bylinkami
9. to heat up [tuː hiːt ʌp] skzohriať

food eating habits
Meals skJedlá

1. breakfast [ˈbrɛkfəst] skraňajky
2. have breakfast [hæv ˈbrɛkfəst] skraňajkovať
3. brunch (breakfast + lunch) [brʌnʧ] skneskoré raňajky
4. lunch [lʌnʧ] skobed
5. have lunch [hæv lʌnʧ] skobedovať
6. dinner [ˈdɪnə] skneskorý obed / večera = hlavné jedlo dňa
7. packed lunch [pækt lʌnʧ] skzabalený obed
8. supper [ˈsʌpə] skneskorá večera
9. dish [dɪʃ] / meal [miːl] skvarené jedlo
10. morning snack [ˈmɔːnɪŋ snæk] skdesiata
11. afternoon snack [ˈɑːftəˈnuːn snæk] skolovrant
12. organic food [ɔːˈɡænɪk fuːd] skbio potraviny
13. ready-made food [ˈrɛdɪˈmeɪd fuːd] skpolotovar

Fast food products / Junk food  skRýchle občerstvenie / nezdravé jedlá

1. hamburger [ˈhæmbɜːɡə] skhamburger
2. hot-dog [hɒt-dɒɡ] skpárok v rožku
3. French fries [frɛnʧ fraɪz] / chips [ʧɪps] skhranolky
4. elephant ears [ˈɛlɪfənt ɪəz] sklangoše
5. baguette [bæˈɡɛt] skbageta

fast food
Preparing food skPríprava jedál

1. to add [tuː æd] skpridať
2. to beat (the eggs) [tuː biːt] skrozbiť (vajíčka)
3. to mix [tuː mɪks] skzmixovať, rozmixovať
4. to stir [tuː stɜː] / to blend [tuː blɛnd] skmiešať, premiešať
5. to whisk [tuː wɪsk] skvyšľahať
6. to bring soup to the boil skpriviesť polievku do varu
7. to chop [tuː ʧɒp] sknakrájať nadrobno (cibuľu)
8. to cut [tuː kʌt] skrezať, krájať
9. to dice [tuː daɪs] sknakrájať na kocky
10. to grate [tuː ɡreɪt] sknastrúhať
11. to melt [tuː mɛlt] skroztopiť
12. to mince (meat) [tuː mɪns] skpomlieť (mäso)
13. to peel [tuː piːl] skočistiť, ošúpať
14. to pour [tuː pɔː] skvyliať
15. to preheat the oven to 220 ºC skpredhriať rúru na 220 ºC
16. to slice [tuː slaɪs] sknakrájať na plátky

preparing food
Other words and expressions skĎalšie výrazy a frázy

1. Bon appetit. [ˌbɒn.æp.əˈti] / Enjoy your meal. [ɪnˈʤɔɪ jɔː miːl] skDobrú chuť.
2. I am on a diet skChudnem
3. burn fat [bɜːn fæt] / calories [ˈkæləriz] skspáliť tuk / kalórie.
4. chef [ʃɛf] skšéfkuchár
5. cookery book [ˈkʊkəri bʊk] skkuchárska kniha
6. cutlery [ˈkʌtləri] skpríbor
7. dessert [dɪˈzɜːt] skdezert
8. balanced diet [ˈbælənst ˈdaɪət] skvyvážená strava
9. dish [dɪʃ] skhotové jedlo
10. fatty food [ˈfæti fuːd] sktučné jedlá
11. frozen vegetables [ˈfrəʊzn ˈvɛʤtəbᵊlz] skmrazená zelenina
12. The milk is off. skTo mlieko je skazené.
13. I have a sweet tooth. skMám rada sladké.
14. Help yourself. [hɛlp jɔːˈsɛlf] skPonúknite sa.
15. Slovak cuisine [ˈsləʊvæk kwɪˈziːn] / Italian cuisine [ɪˈtæliən kwɪˈziːn] skslovenská / talianska kuchyňa
16. ingredients [ɪnˈɡriːdiənts] skprísady
17. leave a tip [liːv ə tɪp] sknechať sprepitné
18. low / high calorie food [ˈkæləri fuːd] sknízkokalorické jedlo
19. main course [meɪn kɔːs] skhlavný chod
20. starter [ˈstɑːtə] skpredjedlo
21. pay the bill [peɪ ðə bɪl] skzaplatiť účet
22. portion [ˈpɔːʃᵊn] skporcia
23. proper nutrition [ˈprɒpə njuːˈtrɪʃᵊn] sksprávna výživa
24. proteins [ˈprəʊtiːnz] skbielkoviny
25. put on weigh [pʊt ɒn weɪ] / lose weigh [luːz weɪ] skpribrať / schudnúť
26. raw [rɔː] sksurový
27. recipe [ˈrɛsɪpi] skrecept
28. serve [sɜːv] skobsluhovať, obslúžiť
29. skip breakfast [skɪp ˈbrɛkfəst] skvynechať raňajky
30. smoked [sməʊkt] skúdený
31. speciality of the region / of the restaurant [ɒv ðə ˈrɛstrɒnt] skšpecialita regiónu / reštaurácie
32. stale bread [steɪl brɛd] skobschnutý / starý chlieb
33. fresh bread [frɛʃ brɛd] skčerstvý chlieb
34. We are having a barbecue tomorrow. skZajtra máme grilovačku.
35. What would you recommend? skČo by ste nám doporučili?
36. Are you ready to order? skVybrali ste si?
37. I would like… skDal by som si…
38. I will have… skDám si
39. Can I have…? skMôžem dostať…?

Meals & other expressions skJedlá a ďalšie výrazy

1. Roast chicken with rice skPečené kurča s ryžou
2. Fried cheese with mayo and chips skVyprážaný syr s majonézou a hranolkami
3. Chicken breasts with cream sauce and mashed potatoes skKuracie prsia v smotanovej omáčke so zemiakovou kašou
4. Pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese skCestoviny s paradajkovou omáčkou a strúhaným syrom
5. Vienna steak steak with roasted potatoes and pickles skVyprážený rezeň s pečenými zemiakmi a kyslými uhorkami
6. Pancakes with fruit and chocolate topping skPalacinky s ovocím a čokoládovou polevou
7. Potato pancakes and cabbage soup skPlacky a kapustová polievka
8. Roast pork with cabbage and dumplings skPečené bravčové mäso s kapustou a knedľou
9. Cabbage soup [ˈkæbɪʤ suːp] / sauerkraut soup [ˈsaʊəkraʊt suːp] skKapustnica
10. Fried carp and potato salad skVyprážaný kapor a zemiakový šalát
11. Gnocchi with sheep cheese and bacon skBryndzové halušky so slaninou
12. Chicken soup with noodles skKuracia polievka s rezancami
13. toast [təʊst] skprípitok
14. I would like to propose a toast. skChcel by som predniesť prípitok.
15. packet soup [ˈpækɪt suːp] sksáčková polievka
16. stuffing [ˈstʌfɪŋ] skplnka (mäsová)
17. filling [ˈfɪlɪŋ] skplnka (do koláčov)
18. fish paste [fɪʃ peɪst] skrybacia nátierka
19. garnish [ˈɡɑːnɪʃ] skdekoratívna obloha k jedlu
20. side dish [saɪd dɪʃ] skpríloha k jedlu
21. rich in fibre [rɪʧ ɪn ˈfaɪbə] skbohaté na vlákninu
22. protein [ˈprəʊtiːn] skbielkovina
23. home made sweets skdomáce cukrovinky
24. oat porridge [əʊt ˈpɒrɪʤ] skovsená kaša
25. beef [biːf] / chicken broth [ˈʧɪkɪn brɒθ] skhovädzí / kurací vývar
26. stock [stɒk] skbujón

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