Food & Eating Habits


Our first lunch together at Emma’s house.

Emma and David are going to prepare lunch for their new friends Heidi, Juan, and James. It will be their first meeting at Emma’s house. They want to buy a lot of fruit and vegetables because Heidi is a vegan and Juan is a vegetarian. On the contrary, James is fond of fast food.

Let’s assist Emma and David in shopping for ingredients and making the lunch.

A. David is going to the supermarket to buy some bakery products, fruit, and vegetables.

B. Emma is responsible for the meat, seafood, fish, and dairy products.

C. David is making the table. Here are some things that shouldn’t miss on a set table. Do you know how they are called in English?

food 5
food 6

D. Our keenly awaited guests have just arrived. They are enjoying the specialties that Emma and David prepared. The friends are talking about various kinds of seafood, fruit, places where they like having lunch, etc. David is learning a lot of new English words related to eating.

food 3
food 4

E. After lunch, the friends are going to play some board games and watch a movie. Emma wants to make a cinnamon pie and coffee or tea. Here are the drinks and the food she already has at home.

food 1
food 2

F. Heidi is telling her new friends unpleasant experience that happened to her when she was little. One day, she found a small chili pepper plant in her granny’s garden and thought the red chilli peppers were strawberries. She put a hand full of red fresh ripe ‘strawberries’ in her mouth and started to chew them. Ouch!

G. After telling more funny stories, the friends started talking about where they go to eat when they are in a hurry. Do you know these places?

H. A healthy lifestyle is Heidi’s hobby. She is talking about different types of diets. Do you know the difference between vegetarianism and veganism?

Time To Challenge Yourself!

Extra Exercises

challenge YOURSELF

I. Juan is telling his story about having lunch in a small restaurant in South Marketo.

Juan restaurant
restaurant terrace
Read Juan’s story and choose the correct option.
food 7
food 8

J. Juan: I brought something to you, guys. It’s a typical Spanish nougat confection. It’s called Turrón. In Spain, we usually eat it at Christmas, but you can find it almost everywhere during the whole year.
David: I love it! Can I have one more slice? I mean, a piece. I always get confused
with a slice, a piece, a bar etc.

Do the quiz on QUANTITY NOUNS and help David better understand this grammar.



K. David: I must go now, guys! I have to pick up my younger sister from kindergarten and do my English homework. We’re currently doing COMPOUND NOUS. I’ll join you again in the evening. All right?
Heidi: Sure, if you need some help with your homework, let me know.
David: Thanks, Heidi. See you later!

L. Emma: Let’s compete in teams! I can be with Heidi, and you guys will be together. Heidi is a nutritionist, so we prepared a quiz for you relating nutrition and healthy eating. Are you ready?
Juan, James: Sure, let’s get started!

How much do you know about nutrition? Do Emma and Heidi’s QUIZ. Good luck!

food 9
food 10

M. The boys prepared an activity called ‘Mime and Guess.’ They will mime some cooking actions to prepare a meal. Emma and Heidi will try to guess what activities and meals are mimed.

Do this task in pairs. Look at the card, mime the activity, and your friend will try to
guess it out. Then swap roles. By clicking on the card, you will see the correct answer.

food 11
food 12

N. Emma: Heidi, can you make Potato dumplings now?
Heidi: Sure! It’s a piece of cake!
Emma: It’s not a cake, it’s our traditional meal you have just seen in the pic.
Heidi: Well, I mean that it’s easy! ‘It’s a piece of cake’ is an English idiom. It means that something is very easy to do.

Here are more Food idioms that are very popular among English speakers. Do you use idioms when you speak?

O. Now let’s see how well you remember the Food idioms! Look at the card and guess the idiom. Flip the card to see the correct answer.

P. Well done! Now, let’s use the idioms in real conversations.

Q. In English, there are many words that look similar at first, but have different
meanings. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Explain the meaning of the words in pairs. Flip the card and see the correct answer.
Example: 1. cook vs cooker = a cook – is a person who prepares food/ a cooker
– a large device we use to prepare or heat food

food 13

R. James is an excellent cook. His father is a chef, and his mum owns a bakery. A
talent for cooking runs in their family. James is telling his new friends about essential key elements of successful cooking.

food 14
food 15

S. It’s getting late, and the friends are seeing other classmates in the old town this evening.

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