Family & Relationships Exercises

In time of test, family is best.
family 1
family 2
Our friends are talking about families and relationships.
family 3
family 4
B. Do you know the difference between the ‘extended’ and ‘nuclear’ family?
family 5

C. James: I think that a good family relationship means that parents and children      get on well. I have a great relationship with my parents and siblings.
    David: What is the key to a great relationship, James?
    James: Well, I think that…

family 6
family 7

D. David: I always argue with my mum when she starts talking about chores! I
     hate doing them. Since my sister is little, all duties are on me.
     Emma: Everything? I am sure you do much less than I used to do when I
     worked as an au-pair in the UK…

family 7

E. The teenagers discuss the most critical problem they experience with their             relatives, which is a generation gap. Do you know what a generation gap is?

F. David: I always have a quarrel with my father over my lifestyle.
   Heidi: Your lifestyle? What do you mean?

family photo 2
family photo 1

G. Heidi: I get on well with both my parents because they are divorced. They got        divorced when I turned 5. I used to spend weekends with my daddy and                  weekdays with my mom. They both wanted to compensate for my ruined                childhood, so they pampered me with expensive things and trips.