Maturita Essay Quiz

Welcome to Maturita Essay Quiz

1. How much time do I have to write the Maturita essay?

2. I can lose points if my handwriting is not legible.

3. It is advised…

4. Should I divide the essay into the introduction, the body paragraph(s), and the conclusion?

5. Proper names such as the Orava river, Žilina, Orava castle, etc., are not counted as words in this type of writing.

6. The prepositions ‘at, in, on, for,..’ and the articles ‘a, an, the’ are counted as words.

7. Do I get a higher score if I use comparative and superlative adjectives in my essay?

8. Linking words (connecting words) enable us to establish clear connections between ideas, so I must use them in my writing for a more natural effect.

9. What may I use instead of the ‘I like’ phrase that is so often overused?

10. What is the overall score of the Maturita Essay?