Maturita Exam

Maturita is a school-leaving exam for upper secondary education, and it is obligatory for all students of secondary grammar schools, schools of art, and vocational schools. Every student is given the Maturita Certificate after passing the exam. School leaving exam consists of two parts – external and internal, while in foreign and national languages, the internal part is divided into written and oral form.

Written exam In the English language consists of a test and an essay. NUCEUM announces the essay themes. In this section, you will find the tests and worked out essay topics from the previous years, so you might get inspired when writing your real exam.
Oral exam in the English language includes 30 topics. All topics will be worked out in detail in this section for you to get the best results possible in your final exam.
The Exam tips  section contains some useful hints to help you succeed in the exam. Be it preparation for the exam or how to do the exam itself. For instance, what strategies to use when writing the essay? How to do the reading part? What should you focus on when doing the listening part? And much more hints you may find of use.   

Let’s get started!