Here we are vs here we go

What's the difference?

Here we are

1. You say ‘here we are’ when you have just found something you have been looking for.

EXAMPLE: I rummaged through the drawers and came up with Amanda’s folder. ‘Here we are.’

2. You say ‘here we are’ when you have finally arrived somewhere you were travelling to.

EXAMPLE: Here we are – home at last.

Here we go

1. You say ‘here we go’ when something is just beginning to happen or move.


  • Right, here we go, the game’s starting!
  • ‘Here we go,’ I said as the roller coaster began to climb the first hill.
  • ‘Here we go,’ another one of sister’s boring yarns!

2. You say ‘here we go’ when something or somebody has been found or identified.

EXAMPLE: Let me just see if I can find that in this old box…here we go, the complete collection of stories of Mark Twain.

3. A chant used by fans in a football (soccer) audience to show support for their team, especially after a successful play. (Primarily heard in UK)

EXAMPLE: Here we go, here we go, here we go’!

Here we go again

You say ‘here we go again’ when something bad starts happening again. The phrase usually emphasizes the speaker’s annoyance or frustration that this is the case.


  • Oh, Here we go again! Jill’s just asked to borrow some money from me.
  • Oh, Here we go again! You are being mean with me for no apparent reason.
  • Here we go again! Another plane delay! This is getting ridiculous.
Here we are vs Here we go

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