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1. General English Course

This course is designed to help students make rapid progress in English and focus on the four essential language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – with lots of additional work on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. 

2. Maturita Exam preparation

The preparation focuses on both the oral part and the written part of the Maturita Exam. The oral part is aimed mainly at speaking. The written part focuses on analyzing the Maturita tests, grammar, and vocabulary which is frequently used in the tests. 

3. Conversation lessons

This course aims to increase the student’s English communication skills by improving fluency through a regular practice of speaking activities, expanding vocabulary through discussions, role-plays, and power-point presentations on various topics. 


Group classes

Are you interested in group lessons? Unite with your friends, make a list of an English topics you all struggle with, send us a message with the things you want to get explained, and we will tailor the lesson to your needs. 

Semi-private classes

Do you want to learn English with a private teacher but you don’t want to study in a group either alone? Tell about it to your best friend and study together privately. 

Private classes

One-to-one lesson. Only you and your teacher. 

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